• Client
  • Soupreise
  • Industry
  • Food, Start-up
  • Services
  • Brand Identity, Print Design & Website
  • Year
  • 2017
  • About the client
  • Soupreise is a unique food start- up on bikes bringing homemade soups to customers in the EU quarter since March 2017. The objective of the business is to offer healthy alternative lunches to people working in nearby offices.
  • Project brief
  • When the client approached me, her business was already on Facebook, but she felt that it lacked a proper website. She asked me to design a simple, easy to update, but attractive website to work alongside print materials for a consistent publicity package.
  • Website
  • I decided to use a Wordpress template this time to make the site simple, and easy to operate for both the client and the user. It was built using a bold orange-grey palette on a white background to achieve clean and elegant results. I developed the website in collaboration with
  • Promotional materials
  • In a city bursting full of restaurants and food markets, Soupreise wanted eye-catching content, that differs from usual promotional materials to catch the eye. I paired a strong colour palette with black and white animated elements to bring in a sense of dynamics, playfulness and joy.
Soupreise Gift Card Voucher soup promotional belgium company
Soupreise Gift Card Voucher soup promotional belgium company