People. People. People.

Design might be the "soul" of VT, but its “heart” is collaboration. For me, fully integrating clients into the design process is essential for transforming good ideas into great realities. VT is focused on mind-sharing and bringing in an extensive network of creative experts (designers, developers, printers, photographers, etc.) to benefit client projects in the best possible way.

Untangling Design – Simple. Clear. Graceful. Fast.

I aim to help clients find the simplest and best solutions to complex requests. Depending on the brief, the time of delivery for first proposals is usually between one and three days.

Think Weird. Think Different.

VT is driven by unique – and often unconventional – ideas and approaches to projects. I like to try fresh concepts, break the rules, exhaust all possibilities. But this creativity is also accompanied by the discipline needed to ensure that all my proposals have been well analyzed and thought-out.

Hello! I’m Eva.

I’m the Graphic & Brand Designer behind VisuallyThinking.be

My designs combine compelling narrative context with visuals to spark interest and engage the audience. I work closely with my clients throughout the design development phase to optimally tailor the project to their needs.

If these are the skills you need to illustrate and showcase your project, this is where to find me!

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